New FMLA Forms

Even 3-dimensional miniature people can celebrate 20 years of the FMLA!

Even 3-dimensional miniature people enjoy celebrating 20 years of the FMLA!

On the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Department of Labor issued a final rule implementing various expansions of the FMLA. I will discuss those changes in a future post but, for now, I wanted to pass along the link to the updated FMLA forms provided by the DOL on its website (they previously were included as part of the appendix). Just fill out the details regarding the FMLA leave online and print. The final rule is not effective until 30 days after it is published in the Federal Register, at which time the forms will include the military caregiver leave for a veteran.

Click here for the link to the new FMLA forms


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Attorney at Snell and Wilmer in Phoenix, Arizona, and publisher of the blog, Employment and the Law.
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