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Just a quick note to introduce myself and this blog. My name is Ashley Kasarjian and I am the publisher of this blog. I am an attorney at Snell & Wilmer, L.L.P and am licensed in Arizona.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information on current topics of general interest related to employment law. As with almost everything, there is a disclaimer. Please read it.

Employment law is constantly changing and, for that reason, I think that it is especially worthy of weekly (or if I have time, daily) updates. Look to the categories listed on the right and you can see the areas of employment law that I will be discussing the most. In particular, this blog will focus on key local (Arizona) and national developments in employment law – from the early stages of legislation to enacted statutes, regulations and cases. While my blog addresses employment law generally, my focus is always on the issues that impact human resource professionals, legal and corporate readers.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and nice to meet you.

About Ashley Kasarjian

Attorney at Snell and Wilmer in Phoenix, Arizona, and publisher of the blog, Employment and the Law.
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  1. I really enjoyed the aesthetics of your blog. You should include an entry on creating a great law blog.

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