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Women of Maricopa

Now that everyone has spent the last week reading articles about the new overtime regulations that were proposed by the Department of Labor, I thought I would highlight a recent event in the valley. A couple of weeks ago I … Continue reading

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New Overtime Regulations Will Impact Five Million Workers

For the first time in over a decade, the Department of Labor proposed updates today to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) white collar overtime regulations. These changes will impact businesses throughout the United States. The Department estimates that, … Continue reading

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Lunch with Justice Scalia

I initially wanted to hold off on posting this article in order to not inundate the blog with Justice Scalia posts back-to-back (see Abercrombie case) but I got to thinking—Could there ever be too much Scalia? I don’t think so. … Continue reading

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The Abercrombie Case

Justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion for the Supreme Court decision issued yesterday in the Abercrombie case. For those who haven’t been following the Supreme Court docket this year (and only stumbled upon this blog post because you were, in … Continue reading

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A Key Consideration in the New Industrial Revolution: Remaining Competitive and Relevant While Mindful of Employment Laws

This morning I have a thought-provoking article written by my colleague and friend, Manuel Cairo. It provides an interesting op-ed perspective for those with independent contractors or who are thinking of utilizing them. America is experiencing an industrial revolution not unlike … Continue reading

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